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Whirlwinds cause power outages and damage in Limassol

Strong winds damaged and caused power outages in various villages in the Limassol region on Saturday, the mayor of Trimiklini, Andreas Orphanou said.

The electricity authority (EAC) has been attempting to restore power to the area, since it received the first calls from customers at approximately 12pm.

The winds hit the villages of Kalo Chorio, Louvara, Zoopiyi, Ayios Mamas, Ayios Pavlos, Ayios Constantinos, and Trimiklini.

An outdoor market in Trimiklini was also damaged by the wind, which uprooted a number of trees, and damaged roofs as well.

Power was restored to the majority of the villages at approximately 2:50pm, while the EAC was still continuing an effort to get power back to Trimiklini.

Clean-up crews have also been brought in to help clear the roads of debris. Noting the major agricultural damage to the area, Orphanou said: “It [the wind] took everything: pine trees, apricot trees; it damaged the houses, the irrigation lines, water pipes, solar heaters, and the market.”

He added that all the damages will be filed in a claim for reimbursement to the government and the Agriculture Insurance Association (OGA).



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