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A sad day for peace and common sense

Well, Trump has “said it” and has finally done it! To the dismay of his allies, he pulled out of the Obama – Iran Nuclear Deal. The stakes of military tension and threats of a mad war are raised even higher and that brings human suffering a step closer to mayhem. It seems as if sanity has gone out the window.

Today we have another dictator in the making and that’s Sultan Erdogan. He shares a similar genetic make-up as Hitler, Gaddafi, Assad, Saddam Hussein and the Iranian theocracy obsessed by absolute power of mind and soul.

With Russian’s support and EU involvement, they provide the technology so this man can build three nuclear plants. Do they actually trust that this dictator will act honourably and not use those facilities on the sly to develop a nuclear bomb?

The Akkuyu Nuclear Complex is less than 40 miles away from the Cyprus coast. The day Erdogan gets his finger on that button it would be the day when Cyprus and the Eastern Med region would feel the wrath of such a megalomaniac. Reasonable-minded people can only ask on thing: why Mr Trump and EU leaders do you not practice what you preach and stop this man before he’s allow to grow his wings of death? It’s a sad day for peace and common sense!

Andreas C Chrysafis, Paphos

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