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Municipal councillors don’t have it good

Local authorities in Cyprus have been called wasteful, inefficient, overpaid, uneconomic and unproductive. There are 350 Community and 39 municipal authorities but most of these comments appear to relate to the small minority i.e. the municipal authorities.

I am, and have been, a Councillor at Konia Community Council in Paphos for three terms now and can tell you the truth about what really happens from my point of view.

Mr Michaelides Auditor-general please note. Community Councillors (i.e. 90 per cent of all Councillors) do not receive a cent for their services even though we do exactly the same work as the €800 a month municipal Councillors (who represent 10 per cent).

Not only that but we are not even offered a sandwich throughout the up to four-hour sessions that are involved for each meeting. We start meetings straight from work; all we get occasionally is a small cake because it’s someone’s name day or birthday, something which the Councillor him/herself pays for. The most we get is a small bottle of water or rarely a cup of tea.

We have one admin assistant and three manual/semi technical workers for all the work needed in the whole authority. We have one truck and no service vehicles. After every Council meeting I send out notes of the meeting to all residents to keep them informed.

We also operate neighbourhood watch in the area. The system as operated by us is at its most efficient and no amount of reorganisation can significantly improve it; it can however make it more inefficient. I dare anybody to show me how we can get better value for money. Konia residents can be assured that they are currently getting the best value for money possible.

Andy Georgiou, Councillor, Konia Council, Senior Coordinator Neighbourhood Watch for Konia

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