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New incident with injured pupil (update)

Referrals to specialist doctors in public hospitals scheduled between June 1 and August 31, 2019 will be carried out as already arranged

The health ministry on Tuesday denied claims by parents that a pupil was seriously injured in a school accident the previous day and was not treated properly at Nicosia general hospital.

On Monday, the Nicosia parents’ federation posted on its Facebook page that the incident happened earlier in the day.

The pupil fell from the first floor at his school and was rushed to the general hospital where doctors found that he was all right and he was discharged.

The parents said that the pupil was later examined by a private doctor who referred him back to the general hospital where he was “in serious condition.”

The health ministry rejected the parents’ claims that the pupil was in serious condition and that doctors had not carried out the necessary tests and examinations.

In a statement, the ministry said the pupil was well and was admitted to Makarios hospital as a precaution.

The ministry said the boy was taken to the A&E with pain to his heels after falling from the first floor of his school.

“The pupil underwent all necessary examinations by doctors – heel and spine X-rays – and after determining there was nothing to justify further treatment, he was discharged,” the ministry said.

He later returned after being referred by a private doctor with instructions to look for other possible injuries like a head knock, the ministry said.

Following X-rays an MRI scan, as well as examination from a neurosurgeon and an orthopaedic, and despite finding nothing, he was transferred to Makarios for observation, the ministry said.

The ministry urged parents not to panic in the event of similar incidents and before making public statements to corroborate the information with the authorities.

The chairman of the confederation of parents’ associations told the Cyprus News Agency that the boy’s condition did not appear to be so serious.

“We hope everything goes well. We are waiting for the probe ordered by the ministry,” Kyriacos Nikiforou said.

He said parents wanted to know why the teachers who are meant to monitor the yard did not notice the pupil on a wall on the first floor and why wasn’t he admitted to hospital in the first place.

“We pose these questions as parents. We are simply begging all sides to learn from our mistakes.”

The incident followed the death of a 10-year-old boy on Friday after he had hit his head playing basketball at school.

The boy was taken to Larnaca hospital by his mother but after examining him, doctors decided it was okay for him to return home. The boy returned to the hospital a couple of hours later in critical condition. He was transferred to Nicosia where he died despite doctors’ efforts.

It later transpired that he had suffered a fractured skull and had died from internal haemorrhage.

Police arrested two Larnaca hospital doctors in connection with the incident, prompting the doctors’ union Pasyki to call a two-hour strike for Wednesday in protest. Pasyki blamed the incident on staff shortages.

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