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Museum exhibits given voices

Today is International Museum day and museums all over the world will be celebrating through the weekend with special events geared towards getting people into museums and showing what truly amazing places they can be.

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation will do just that tomorrow with an event reminiscent of the Night at the Museum films – just with much less blue screen and special effects.

Instead of the exhibits coming to life and good winning over evil, this museum adventure will see the women of the Amalgamation Choir – created and conducted by Vasiliki Anastasiou – move within the room, talk to the exhibits and, sometimes, substitute the exhibits with their voice in order to awaken some other, forgotten world of Cyprus. The idea is that before they were put on show, these exhibits had a life of their own, they were mobile, they enjoyed the outdoors as they changed hands and owners.

The women’s voices and touch will enable visitors to experience the essence of every exhibit. The ladies from the choir will stir the imagination and have audience members mentally remove the exhibits from their cases and free them from the shackles of frozen time. As they are given freedom, the choir will narrate their origins, tell the story of the people who had used and enjoyed them, centuries before we were born.

The two 30-minute performances, at 8pm and 10pm, will be held by the Amalgamation Choir in collaboration with director Paris Erotokritou and kinesiologist Panayiotis Tofi. The team will make the best of the excellent acoustics in the museum’s hall area and – without instrumental accompaniment – they will present fragments of traditional songs, as well as tunes from other Mediterranean lands.

Performance by the Amalgamation Choir. May 19. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. 8pm and 10pm. Free. Tel: 22-128157

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