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One in three trucks found with at least one worn tyre – survey

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One in three trucks inspected during a survey was found to have at least one worn tyre with buses not far behind, non-governmental organisation Reaction said on Wednesday.

The survey included 619 vehicles whose drivers took part in island-wide inspections carried out by Reaction in cooperation with the police and tyre importers Frangeskides.

Reaction said 43 per cent of the vehicles that took part were passenger cars, 18 per cent were 4x4s, 21 per cent light trucks, 13 per cent trucks, and 5 per cent buses.

At least one worn tyre was spotted in 22 per cent of passenger cars, 28 per cent of 4x4s, 22 of light trucks, 27 per cent of buses, and 30 per cent of trucks.

According to the NGO, 19 per cent of the passenger cars checked in Nicosia had at least one worn tyre with the number rising to 33 per cent in Paphos.

Over 40 per cent of the 4x4s checked in Paphos had at least one worn tyre, Reaction said. In Limassol, 35 per cent of the trucks inspected had at least one worn tyre while the respective rate in Paphos climbed to 50 per cent.

The problem was especially evident in buses in Nicosia and Paphos where 37 per cent were found with at least one worn tyre.

In Nicosia, 13 per cent of passenger vehicles were also found to have the wrong tyre pressure in at least one wheel. The rate more than doubled in the 4×4 category with 28 per cent.

On an island-side scale, 15 per cent of passenger vehicles had the wrong pressure in at least one tyre against 13 per cent of 4x4s. As regards light trucks, 10 per cent were found with the wrong pressure in at least one tyre, buses, 14 per cent, and trucks, 15 per cent.

Having the wrong tyre pressure could affect a vehicle’s traction on the road, especially on turns. It also raises the risk of aquaplaning – loss of traction — in wet conditions

The inspections also found tyres with nails and crews, old worn tyres, and many other important details which the experts advised drivers to sort out.

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