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Paphos mayor, minister and police chief to battle it out

Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos said last week high-rise buildings could become a landmark for the city

As Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonas showed no signs of relenting in his accusations against police, the House legal committee decided on Wednesday that next week’s session should put the prime targets of the debate face to face.

Chairman of the committee GIorgos Georgiou said he sent letters out so that all the accusations made against police were discussed.

The idea is that Phedonas, the chief of police and the justice minister will attend the session as their differences have been playing out for weeks across the airwaves.

On Wednesday, Phedonas speaking on the state broadcaster said he was not going to go back to police to give statements as he had done so repeatedly to no avail and the police chief was well aware of the people he implicated.

On air, he said there were two men named Rafael working out of Paphos in the drug trade, that took over after Elias Mouzos was arrested in connection with shooting two police officers.

He also said members of the drugs squad got rich doing their job having Rolex watches, property both in and out of the country and bank accounts worth checking as they were not things they had inherited from their parents.


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