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High-speed action through Cyprus Rally Special Stages

Intense action and high-speed highlights await all the spectators who will gather for the 13 Special Stages of the Cyprus Rally 2018. Spectacular passes and huge top speeds will be the main ingredients of this year’s route which has a total length of 763.32km, 208,22 of which will comprise the stages. As with every year, the rally will host two separate surfaces with 72% of the rally running on gravel and 28% on tarmac.

Our Rally will run from the 15th to the 17th of June and will be based in the city of Larnaca. Everything from the Starting and Finishing ramp, Rally HQ and Service Park will be placed in Larnaca for 2018, on the beachfront of “Foinikoudes”. This will be the fourth round of the European Rally Championship (ERC) and the second round of the Middle-East Rally Championship, maintaining the world-wide uniqueness of our event hosting two separate regional FIA championships.

Recce will be held on Friday (15th) morning as well as the Qualifying Stage which will determine the starting positions of the cars ahead of the rally. This will be hosted on a 6,33km stage just outside the city of Larnaca. After the Qualifying Stage, the medieval castle at “Foinikoudes”. will host the Number Selection process and a few hours later, at 19:00, the Starting Ramp will be set on “Foinikoudes”. for the Starting Ceremony.

The action begins on Saturday (16th) with the crews running six special stage (three stages which will be repeated for the two loops) with a total length of 94,34km.

The first SS of the rally will take place in the village of Kelia with a total length of 21,48km, followed by the Analiontas SS (14,41km). Cars and crews will then head to the hills for the Stavrovouni SS (11,28km) before returning to Larnaca for the noon service. The three stages will be repeated before the cars are locked under park ferme rules for the evening.

Seven more stages await the crews for Sunday. The highlight of the day will be the Super Special Sage which, once again, will take place in the heart of Nicosia, connecting the two parts of the divided capital. The day will begin with the spectacular Geri stage (22,00km) followed by the Super Special Stage in Nicosia. The morning loop will close with the Lagia and Lefkara stages, 12,67km and 19,82km respectively. After the noon service the cars will repeat the morning stages (except for the Super Special Stage which will only have a morning pass). After the second pass through Lefkara, the remaining crews will head back to “Foinikoudes”. where the Finishing Ceremony will take place at 18:30.

Following the publication of the course, the organizing committee wishes to be very clear that should any contestant be seen passing through any of the aforementioned stages will be reported to the stewards, where they are likely to face exclusion from the rally.

Cyprus Rally 2018 Itinerary

Friday 15th of June

Length Time

Free Practice 07:00

Qualifying Stage 06.33 10:08

Start Ceremony Larnaca Foinikoudes 19:00

Saturday 16h of June

SS1 Kelia 1 21.48 08:58

SS2 Analiontas 1 14.41 10:06

SS3 Stavrovouni 1 11.28 10:54

Regrouping / Larnaca 11:44

SS4 Kelia 2 21.48 12:52

SS5 Analiontas 2 14.41 14:00

SS6 Stavrovouni 2 11.28 14:48

Sunday 17th of June

SS7 Geri 1 22.00 08:43

SS8 Super Special Stage 04.90 09:36

SS9 Lagia 1 12.67 10:49

SS10 Lefkara 1 19.82 11:47

Regrouping / Larnaca 12:42

SS11 Geriι 2 22.00 14:15

SS12 Lagia 2 12.67 15:28

SS13 Lefkara 2 19.82 16:53

Finishing Ceremony Larnaca Foinikoudes 18:30


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