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A good maths game for children

I believe Cyprus is going to host a large number of visitors this summer. I found numerous foreign coins in my small change today:

€2 – Germany, €1 – Portugal, Greece, Italy 50c – Finland, Netherlands, Greece (stamped as “Lepta”) 20c – Cyprus, 10c – France, Cyprus 5c – Spain, Portugal, Cyprus

2c – Cyprus, Cyprus, 1c – Cyprus

Over 60 per cent of my small change came from outside Cyprus. During the winter, it was unusual to find a coin from any of the other 18 countries using the euro.

Children might enjoy playing a game where they have to identify the country of origin of different coins. In some cases, there is no name; in other cases, like Portugal, the name is so small it is difficult to read; Italy has the letter ‘I’ superimposed on a letter R. The European Central Bank provides images of all coins. An internet search using terms such as “50c European coins” will lead you to the correct ECB web page.

A good maths game for children is to lay the coins on a table and have them estimate the total value. The coins may either be sorted into rows by value or randomly mixed, which is more difficult. Variations include stacking the coins and guessing the value.

John Morgan, Ormidia,


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