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Climate conference: hoaxers with their noses in the trough

FILE PHOTO: A combination of aerial photographs taken in February and March 2002 of parts of the Larsen B shelf in the Antarctic show different aspects of the final stages of the collapse. The pictures show (clockwise from top L) the shelf breaking up near Foca Nunatak, a rift in the ice sheet near Cape Desengano, a cascade of water from melting ice nearly 30 meters high along the front of the shelf, and the new front edge of the shelf breaking up near Cape Foyn.

I bet the climate conference in Cyprus brought together lots of hoaxers who have their snouts firmly in the trough despite there being no scientific evidence of anthropogenic warming. The warming currently taking place is part of the Earth’s natural cycle which causes Outgassing, a REAL scientific phenomenon, by which all retained gasses in the Earth’s oceans and crust is gently released as temperature rises. People can do this at home with a tin of Coke, see the difference between the amount of gas released from a cold tin compared to a warm one.  That gas is also carbon dioxide which the oceans hold in abundance.

Geoffrey Evans, Pegeia



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