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Why can’t I make any changes to plans?

I have a building plot in the Paphos district that I have owned for a number of years on which I intended to build a 300m² four-bed villa. The plot is on agricultural land with a building coefficient of 10%. However, because of the recession I have been unable to build myself and so have been trying to sell the plot.

Some three and a half years ago I found a buyer but he wanted a different and smaller dwelling and asked if I would submit his plans for approval before he committed himself to buying. I was reluctant to do this but was told that I could revert to my plans if for some reason the sale did not proceed.

The new plans were approved but as I feared the buyer did not proceed. When I asked to revert to my plans I was refused. Last year when changes to policy were put in place I obtained a building permit for the smaller property.

Since that time I have had two potential buyers who both wanted to make some changes to the plans but the planning officer has refused to allow any further changes. I cannot understand why this is so, the plot has permission for a dwelling and it does not seem logical to refuse any changes. Do you know why this should be?

I only have just over a year before the planning permission and the building permit cease to be valid after which the plot reverts to agricultural land and I will lose a great deal of money.

The plot is only 1 kilometre from a village and other villas have been built nearby. Can you suggest a solution?

I look forward to hearing from you.


D Pym


It is very strange situation. Having a permit for the smaller house I see no reason why alterations to it cannot be done, unless they are considered as being major changes requiring a new permit.

Please bear in mind that the new regulations restrict the development of houses in agricultural zones. Use the services of the architect who prepared the plans (for the small house) to get some answers. Bear in mind that should you start building prior to the lapse of the permits, you may be able to renew the permit.


AP Loizou

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