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Efficient methods of cleaning your perfect glass pipe

Every vaper has his favorite glass piece. It’s inevitable the fact that it can get dirty in time. You probably don’t like that, and it’s not advisable to keep it that way, since it may not work correctly. We’ve prepared 3 ways to clean your glass piece.

Use salt & alcohol

For this one, you’ll need a bottle of rubbing alcohol (with 90% isopropyl if possible), salt (sea salt or Epsom, each is good), a sandwich bag made out of plastic, rubber gloves (although they’re optional) and cotton swabs.

When washing it, you need to make sure you didn’t miss any loose particle from your piece. To make your life easier, use hot water or simply hold it upside down and tap gently. You may also use a pipe cleaner or a paperclip to get rid of all the dirt. Make sure you don’t break it while doing this whole process.

Place your piece in a plastic bag

In this next step, you’ll need to fill the plastic bag with the rubbing alcohol and then put your glass piece in there. Make sure the piece is wholly submerged. The alcohol should make it easier for you to remove the stains.

Now add the salt

Don’t be afraid to do it, there’s never too much to add. The salt will help you scrub off the residual particles since it acts like a mild abrasive.

Seal the bag and shake

Now it’s time to seal the bag and shake the pipe until the salt hits every spot. It’s advisable to do this for 2 minutes. Perhaps you can close off the openings of the pipe, to let the mixture get inside the chamber.

Get rid of the mixture, then do it again

By now, the solution should get a dark brown color. Get rid of the solution and fill the bag with alcohol again. Then do the whole shaking process again. Make sure you don’t forget to put your piece under water to get rid of any loose remains from the salt and alcohol. If your pipe is too dirty, you might need to let it soak overnight, or at least for a few hours.  After this, do a rinse with hot water.

Clean one more time with cotton

You can use the cotton to clean the glass pipes once more of any leftover residue. But it’s not a necessary step to take. If you encounter watermarks, you can always soak your pipe in a solution made of warm water and lemon juice. Let it there about 20 minutes – the stains should disappear. Freezing your piece may also be a good idea to remove hardened buildups.

Keep in mind that, if your piece is a glass bong, you should to the steps from above, but keep away the bag. It’s enough just to fill the bong with the solution and give it a good shake.


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