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Turkey walks out of Strasbourg meeting after GC property cases kept open (Updated)

The European Court of Human Rights

Nicosia said on Friday it would wait to see the impact of a Turkish walkout on Thursday from the

Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe after the body declined to close a number of cases concerning Greek Cypriot properties in the north.

The Turkish delegation, CNA reported, walked out of the meeting towards the end of a three-day session of the Committee of Ministers, which is charged with supervising the execution of ECHR judgments.

The protest was related to the discussion concerning Greek Cypriot properties in the north and Ankara had
attempted to end the supervision in some of the cases but had failed to persuade other delegations to pass a relevant decision.

In a memorandum submitted before the June 5-7 meeting in Strasbourg, the Turkish government asked the deputies to instruct the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers to terminate the supervision of a series of property-related cases, including “Loizidou”, “Eugenia Michaelidou Developments Ltd, Michael Tymvios” and “Alexandrou.”

A well-informed source told CNA that the Turkish delegation left in protest, as the Committee of Ministers could not satisfy its demands.
Before leaving the meeting, the Turkish delegation made an oral statement, expressing its disagreement and said it would not cooperate with the Committee of Ministers in matters relating to the supervision of the execution of ECHR judgments.

Asked about the impact of the statement, a government source told CNA: “We will have to see that in action.”
The discussion at the Committee of Ministers involving Greek Cypriot properties is expected to resume next September.
Earlier in the week, Greek Cypriot refugee Titina Loizidou asked the Committee not to close her file as her property in the north had not yet been given back to her as per a 1996 ECHR ruling though Turkey did pay the compensation.

Loizidou had sent a letter to Strasbourg asking the Committee of Ministers to adjourn consideration of closing her case.

Turkey had asked the Committee to take a decision to close the supervision of the case, following the damages paid to the applicant. Regarding the restitution of the property, Ankara said the immovable property commission, operating in the Turkish-occupied part of the island as a remedy.




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