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Both sides must learn lessons from the past

For Mr George Koumoullis

Dear Colleague,

I have read your article on Eoka murderers, who still roam freely, boasting about how many Turkish Cypriots he killed in cold blood. Congratulations for taking up such a sensitive subject and criticising the authorities – police and judiciary, for not bringing them to justice.  Since so far no solution has been found to the Cyprus problem, it seems that the parties will never come to a fair, just, workable and lasting settlement. The island will remain divided with no chance of reunification. It may be possible under a confederation. Otherwise, partition will perpetuate and become permanent.

Both sides must learn lessons from past bitter experiences, or try to at least. If not, they should try to live peacefully in their own areas as reliable and good neighbours. There is no need for new adventures.

Ozcan Han, via email

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