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Cyprus must pay €17,800 in damages awarded by the ECHR in first four months of 2018

Cyprus must pay €17,800 in damages awarded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for various cases brought against it during the first four months of 2018.

Last year the Court awarded no damages against the Republic, while in 2016 successful compensation claims reached €61,737.

During the first four months of 2018, nine judgments involving Cyprus were pending before the Committee of Ministers for supervision, and only one new case was added.

The statistics are presented in a new website launched Thursday by the Council of Europe, aiming to highlight the positive impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Europe’s citizens.

Since 1962, when the European Convention entered into force in Cyprus, a total of 64 cases were transmitted for supervision to the Committee of Ministers, and 55 of them closed by final supervision.

“The European Convention on Human Rights protects the basic rights of some 830 million people across the whole of Europe,” said Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland.

“Focusing on a small proportion of the cases decided by the Strasbourg court, this new website clearly demonstrates what the convention system has achieved so far and the positive impact it continues to have on many people’s lives” said Jagland, according to a relevant announcement.

The interactive website contains textual summaries, infographics and audiovisual materials. 101 different case studies are presented by country and by topic, with separate sections explaining how the system works and the state of implementation of other key Council of Europe conventions.

The site is currently available in English, French and Turkish. A Russian-language version will be launched shortly.

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