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Akel slams Disy for aligning Cyprus with West

Akel leader Andros Kyprianou

Communist Akel on Friday censured the leader of ruling Disy for suggesting Cyprus’ political orientation should be towards the West, saying Cyprus must not become a military bridgehead and a NATO training ground.

Akel spokesman Stephanos Stephanou said Disy had not made such statements for a long time. He added that the ruling party had kicked off its administration in 2013 with the position “but soon landed back to reality”.

“Inside two years they ended up declaring ‘disappointment with their partners’ while still waiting for substantive support against Turkey’s aggression in the Cypriot EEZ (exclusive economic zone),” Stephanou said.

Akel, he added, was not surprised because it knew well the West’s historical stance on Cyprus and its struggles.

“Today, Disy returns with renewed vows of faith to Euro-Atlanticism,” he said, criticising the government for abstaining during a UN vote on a resolution providing for an international mechanism to protect unarmed Palestinians in Gaza.

Stephanou said Cyprus and its people have no interest in taking sides, especially the Western one.

“Cyprus will benefit from a multifaceted foreign policy based on the principles of peace and international law,” a policy promoting relations with all countries in the world and acting as a bridge of peace “and not as a military bridgehead and NATO training ground.”

Akel’s broadside against Disy came as no surprise on an island that blames most, if not all, its ills on the West.

“I will repeat our party’s position: with Cyprus’ accession to the EU, this country also predetermined its political orientation,” Neophytou said following a meeting with US Ambassador Kathleen Doherty. “A political orientation, which, based on European and US positions, is West.”

Neophytou said Disy remained steadfast in its position that Cyprus must join the Partnership for the Future but he recognized the problems with Turkey’s right to veto.

He said they acknowledged the unwavering support from Russia and China, noting that Cyprus’ political orientation did not preclude it from having excellent relations with the two countries.

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