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Limassol watersport operators in permit protest

Watersport operators protesting over permits on Monday

A senior member of staff at the shipping sub-ministry is trying to scupper water sports operators, their association said on Monday, during a demonstration outside the ministry’s offices in Limassol.

Water sports operators and representatives from the small business’ union, Povek, gathered outside the ministry demanding that the long-standing problem, which affects their permits, is resolved.

They outlined that the man in question, a senior officer at the ministry, has in the past year become incredibly difficult to work with over inspections.

Now into summer season, several water sports operators say they have been unable to get their permits and instead keep receiving unclear and unprecedented notes and regulations.

After meeting with the Deputy Shipping Minister Natasa Pilides, the demonstrators left saying they felt reassured the matter would be resolved.

“We discussed the problems which are not personal and concern the broader implementation of the regulations and law,” Pilides said. ”We believe the law can be implemented in the best possible way so as to ensure safety but allow the tourist season to go smoothly.”

Some operators left satisfied but were quickly angered again after the government official reportedly still refused to issue their permits.

They returned to Pilides and are awaiting for answers they were promised to receive by the end of the week, according to Povek head, Stefanos Koursaris.


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