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Limassol expands clampdown on sea pollution

Clean up vessels which patrol the Limassol coast every day

LIMASSOL municipality announced on Wednesday it was taking part in a campaign to control sea pollution especially that caused by ships.

The week-long ‘Blue Campaign’ was launched on Monday with the aim of locating and addressing possible land and sea pollution which usually occurs over the summer in the sea and beach areas of Limassol.

During the campaign, a daily check will be carried out on data submitted by vessels in the Limassol sea area and on the quantities of wastewater in their tanks.

There will also be continuous communication between the Port Authority’s vessel tracking station (VTS) and ships to inform them of their obligation not to discharge sewage and waste into the sea.

Inspection will also take place on ships at anchorage, and on-site checks of all sewerage pipes that end up in the sea.

Coordinated sea patrols by vessels of the port and maritime police, the department of fisheries, Limassol municipality, as well as the vessels of the consortium VTS Vasiliko Terminal Services Ltd – VSS EPE Environmental Protection Services will continue. The consortium was hired by the municipality last month to patrol the Limassol sea area and deal with incidents of pollution.

Following the end of the campaign, the findings will be recorded to improve coordination and deal as swiftly as possible with future pollution violations, the municipality said.

The launch of the sea patrols followed recent incidents  of bathers complaining of swimming in filthy waters and even of developing skin conditions.

Just two days after the patrols were launched, the contractors successfully cleaned up a large mass of human waste off the coast before it reached bathing areas. The waste was believed to have been flushed from a vessel.

The Limassol municipality announced that the 24-hour hotline for issues of sea pollution is up and running. The telephone number to report incidents is 25 884 590.




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