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Abuse of a state positions is endemic in Cyprus

I wonder how the Law Commissioner would react if every unemployed person in Cyprus entered her office and used the facilities for their personal purposes?

On the basis of your report dated May 31, I assume that she would not mind, as she thinks it okay for her husband to do so because he is unemployed.

If she is unable to see the ethical conundrum associated with her statement, then she is unfit to hold office.

Likewise her alleged use of her official vehicle for personal use could be likened to stealing from the taxpayers who pay her salary.

Compare this with the generosity of many hard-working Cyprus taxpayers.

I needed a replacement latch for a security shutter.  Having tracked-down a supplier he asked how many did I require?

When I replied that I only needed two, he gave them to me for free.  Likewise, I needed a single tag for my keyring.  Again, when I asked for only one, it was given to me for nothing.

I accept that these were low-value items, but with today’s stretched finances it is still extremely generous to forgo potential income, no matter how small it may be.

Compare these free-enterprise examples with that of the Law Commissioner shamelessly using state assets for her personal and her family’s use, which were paid for by the vey taxpayers I have just mentioned.

This abuse of a state position is pretty much endemic in Cyprus, with only a few courageous people, such the auditor-general, the mayor of Paphos and your newspaper, willing to state their concerns.

Cyprus currently ranks 42nd out of 180 countries on the world corruption perceptions index, which puts it below many of the old Eastern Bloc members, so there is much room for improvement.

Dr John Mitchell, Paphos

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