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Celebrating a poet

The Faneromeni 18 festival kicks off July with a musical theatrical performance entitled I Have Been Through…, based on poems by Kiki Dimoula.

Dimoula’s evocative voice and poignant poems will stir up a whole lot of emotions on Thursday in the courtyard of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia. These poems take on a musical and theatrical approach in the hands of composer Sofia Kamayianni.

With the performances of Yiota Festa and Theodosia Savvaki, Kamayianni takes Dimoula’s poetry as the main body of her compositions. By using the poet’s voice – via sound recordings of Dimoula reciting her verses – the performance is immersed into a world of music and sounds, making up a sensorial collage.

Three characters star in this play as they contain one another, continuously interacting to compose the figure of the central female protagonist. They communicate beyond time and find different ways to express themselves.

The “need for tangible things…” is traced by way of prose, acted out by Festa and Savvaki, who move within a more fantastical world where singing and music transform the meaning of poetic discourse. The third character of the evening will be Dimoula herself. Her electronically processed voice will take us to a world beyond reason, dreamy and unconscious.

I Have Been Through…
Musical theatre performance based on poems by Kiki Dimoula as part of the third Faneromeni 18 Festival. July 5. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. 9pm. Free. In Greek. Tel: 22-128157

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