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Timothy’s Art Bar closed down

The bar was a Paphos institution

Supporters of a local bar in Paphos which has been a stalwart of the cultural and nightlife scene for around twenty years, have started a petition to get it reopened after it closed its doors for good.

Paphos municipality would not comment on why Timothy’s Art Bar was forced to close, but sources said that the building in which the bar is housed is structurally unsound and that it was dangerous for the public to continue to use it.

“It was not safe and also the building, which was a house, didn’t have any licenses at all,” a source told the Cyprus Mail.

However, locals say that the town won’t be the same without the venue, which has seen thousands of people come and go over the years, and have started an online petition to get the bar reopened.

“I would be prepared to start a crowdfunding site to help with any necessary work,” said Paphos resident Maria Stavrinidou. “This has been a great place for all sorts of people to meet and hang out here. We grew up here and the bar has a lot of happy memories for everyone.”

She added that many people understood that Timothy’s is not just a bar but a special place for social gatherings, where both foreigners and local patrons from all walks of life could meet and strike up friendships.

“Timothy’s also hosted numerous events and exhibitions and supported artists and musicians,” she said.

Support for the venue, which also regularly presented DJ’S and live music, is growing on social media.

Many are criticizing the bar’s closure and have taken to Facebook to vent their anger at the removal of a ‘cultural oasis’ that allowed everyone to be themselves, express their opinions and have fun.

On Facebook, Alexandros Zachariades said: “I just say a thank you to Timotheous for creating that space and also to any person that worked or played music there and was a piece of this beautiful mosaic. It was really a resistance to the rubbish of today’s Paphos.”

A petition to save Timothy’s Art Bar has already reached 418 of the 1,000 signatures needed.

To sign the petition:

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