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Bar review: Salamis, Larnaca

If someone recommended a bar to you in the Mackenzie area of Larnaca your mind would most likely think of one of the places along the sea front. However, tucked away just behind a car park on the opposite side of the road you’ll find a little restaurant that has, over the last few years, transformed one half in to a bar.

Upon arrival we entered the car park and things were looking bleak, however, our luck was in when we spotted a designated area for customers of Salamis. When we approached Salamis, as it was not too busy at the time, owner Petros happened to be at the entrance and we were welcomed with a friendly, smiling face. We also noticed the many signs showing special offers on different cocktails but my priority that day was to watch the World Cup. When we told Petros, he guided us towards the bar area and asked us what language we wanted the commentary in and led us to a table with a great view of one of the many screens.

Even in the bar area, you are offered a menu in case you also fancy a bite to eat. Despite looking quite tempting, we just ordered beers in preparation for the match. Especially in this heat, a beer has to be cold! The large bottle of Keo was brought not only very cold with glasses that had been kept in the fridge but also with a sleeve around the bottle with cooling packs so that the beer didn’t warm up. I was impressed.

After our first round of drinks I remembered the special offers on cocktails that I had spotted on the way in. Being a hot summer’s day I thought I would try a Mojito for my next drink. And as I was in what is basically a sports bar ordering a special offer I wasn’t expecting much. The drink arrived well presented. Plenty of mint and what looked like half a lemon cut in half. Unlike Mojitos I have had elsewhere in actual cocktail bars, it wasn’t completely filled with ice which of course, limits the amount of drink! As I supped I noticed I didn’t taste the grains of sugar that you usually get when drinking Mojito yet it still had that hint of sweetness. I wrongly assumed that some sort of syrup had been used but later found out that dark, soft, brown sugar had been used instead so it had dissolved in to the drink. I liked the idea of that a lot.

If you fancy having a well-made, reasonably priced cocktail or an ice cold beer while watching a match, Salamis fulfils all those needs and is worth a visit.



Where: Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

When: all day every day

How much:

Contact: 24 623761

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