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Doctors seeking higher Gesy budget to boost income

The Cyprus Medical Association has requested a meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades over disagreements they appear to have with the national health scheme (Gesy) budget, reports suggested on Monday.

According to daily Phileleftheros, they want the budget for Gesy set to be rolled out next year, pushed up by another €100m.

This is due to an increase in pay they are seeking for their doctors.

For instance, in a letter they sent to the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) last week, they outlined that doctors on average should receive €120 per head for child patients, up from the budgeted €80.

Where adults are concerned, the medical association wants an increase from €60 per patient to €100.

They also recommended that contributions towards Gesy should stay in the doctor’s hands instead of going to the scheme.

The HIO had proposed an annual gross income of €110,000 for 1,300 eligible patients whether they visited the doctor or not. There could be up to 2,500 patients on the waiting list which would correspond to an increase in the doctor’s income if they were paid a visit.

Paediatricians were down for an annual gross income of €100,000 for 850 children with up to 2,500 minors on the waiting list that would see doctors earn more if they got extra patients.

Nonetheless, the medical association said the net income for pediatricians per annum would actually be €24,000, hence the proposed pay rises.

The divide between the HIO and the medical association appears to be quite large, according to the report and the latter has requested a meeting with the president to ask for an increase of the NHS budget by €100m.




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