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Extradition of Turkish Cypriots ‘out of the question’ Akinci’s spokesman says

Afrika's Sener Levent

Authorities in the north on Friday said that the extradition of Turkish Cypriots to other countries was out of the question.

Spokesman of the Turkish Cypriot leader, Baris Burcu, tried to alleviate concerns following media reports on Turkish investigations and detentions targeting Turkish Cypriot academics and journalists, some of whom in any case, possess Cyprus, and thus, EU passports.

In a written statement on Friday, Burcu said that ‘TRNC citizens’ could not be extradited to other countries nor could court decisions issued in other countries executed in the north.

Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, according to Burcu, has always followed the rule of law on freedom of the press and freedom of expression. He added that there should be no doubt about that.

Citing the head of the ‘Supreme Court’, Narin Sefik, Burcu said that the ‘extradition’ of ‘citizens’ to other countries for cases pending against them or due to the outcome of a case, “is out of the question.”

The announcement comes after fears expressed by academics and journalists in the north following two lawsuits against Afrika newspaper and two of its journalists, editor Sener Levent and Ali Osman by the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office.