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New meeting with teachers’ unions set for Sunday evening

Photo: CNA

A new meeting will be held Sunday evening between the ministry of education and the teachers’ unions Oelmek, Poed and Oltek.

The meeting is set for 6.30pm.
During Saturday’s meeting, according to CNA, the three unions explained their positions, which they set out in a joint written document for the education minister Costas Hambiaouris.

After analysing the positions of each organisation, a discussion followed.

On Sunday, the unions expect either a counter-proposal from the minister or acceptance of their positions.
The consultations are centered on the streamlining of state schools. The dialogue, launched on Wednesday on the initiative of President, Nicos Anastasiades, was expected to last a week, although the government had said that it can go on for as long as it takes.

The talks are meant to ensure a smooth start to the school year after the summer holidays. The unions said that they would decide, depending on the result of the dialogue, whether to carry on with strike measures they had announced.

At issue is the government’s decision to end the generous reduction in teaching hours according to length of service and other responsibilities. While many countries have a similar system, Cyprus’ is particularly generous.