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Zygi staff concerned over power lines effect on their health

Staff at a state agriculture station have expressed concerns about their health over plans by the electricity company to deploy power lines over their facility in the Zygi area.

In a letter to President Nicos Anastasiades last Friday, staff at the agriculture research institute’s Zygi experimental station said they wanted to ensure that their health and safety had been considered when drawing the plans for the overhead network.

Some 30 to 35 people work at the station on a daily basis while it also hosts foreign scientists and other visitors, including pupils and university students.

According to the letter, the environmental impact assessment for the project had been carried out in 2010 but there was no mention of the lines going over the station, which has been located at the site since 1982.

“The EAC has carefully drawn the course of the project through areas without significant or sensitive human presence…” the staff quoted the study as saying.

The impact study also failed to examine the potential effects of a pre-existing telecommunications aerial that is located next to the station and would be in close proximity to the overhead lines.

The staff want answers on whether the project would be harmful and how it may affect their health and safety in the short and long terms.

They also asked whether any action had been taken to determine the effects on staff and visitors and what protective measures should be taken if the project is completed before a proper risk assessment was done.

Staff also asked whether the labour inspection department could provide them with a written guarantee that the operation of the lines in combination with the aerial would not have any harmful effects on their health.

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