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New road safety measures introduced for children

the new regulations see a higher use of booster seats

Police announced this week that new traffic safety provisions have come into effect regarding child seats and seat belts, introducing rules in the use of measures for children travelling in taxis and buses.

Vehicles with a maximum of eight seats and vehicles carrying loads not exceeding 12 tonnes, which have seat belts for every seat, can place a child of at least 135cm in height in any back seat as long as they are wearing a seatbelt.

A child of a minimum of 150cm in height can sit in any seat in these vehicles, but must wear a seat belt if sitting in the front passenger seat.

Heavy load vehicles, which do not have any form of security or safety measures can only carry a child of a minimum 150cm.

Urban and rural taxis can transport a child under 150cm in any seat, provided a child’s seat or booster seat is used and that the child is facing forward and the airbag, unless it has been deactivated.

If no safety system is available, the child can be transported but must be in the back seats and wearing a seat belt.

Provisions for vehicles transporting over eight people have also been placed, specifically relevant to buses.

There is an explicit ban on children in the seat at the front of the bus. If the bus is also equipped with seat belts, then children under 135cm must be placed in a child’s seat or booster seat. The provision allows guardians to use the safety system of their choice as long as it meets bus specifications.

Two provisions that will come into force in September introduce specific arrangements when transporting children with buses.

The buses used must have seat belts and no child is allowed on the front passenger seat. Children aged six or older must wear a seat belt unless a child seat or booster seat is available.

For children under six, guardians must provide a safety system or the child won’t be allowed on the bus.

The second article refers to the transportation of children in private buses, licensed by a company or enterprise who arrange activities or events for children, such as nurseries or extra-curricular activities.

The buses must have seat belts and no child is allowed in the front passenger seat.

Children of 135cm or over must wear a seat belt unless a child seat or booster is available. For children under 135cm, it is the bus licence holder’s responsibility to make child seats or boosters available. The licence holder may select an adult to be responsible for the seating arrangements. Children under six must have an escort who will be responsible for the seating.

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