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Property questions: Does private complex need lifeguard?

Our complex has been informed by our administrators that we now need certificates and lifeguards during the operation of our communal pool.

Our complex consists of three blocks with a total of 51 private apartments. The area is all fenced and the entry and exit is gated. There are also signs to say that it is private property with no entry signs.

Is this really going to be enforced? Or is this a case of our administrators looking to line their own pockets by charging sky high prices and in turn claiming to be the first to enforce this vague law, from which I believe EU law exempts us, but Cyprus government does not?

I cannot see that there are enough lifeguards in Cyprus to cover all the complexes. Are other complexes training their own lifeguards and applying for certificates? Or are we the only ones?

If Cyprus government enforced this ruling, how would they do this? And if they could, surely it would drive people away from Cyprus and would be devastating to the economy.

Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards
Walter Hart


I could not agree with you more. It is not enforced but as in most cases if an accident happens, then the authorities might throw the book at you/ the administrative committee. It is a risk that one takes since many/most such ‘private’ pools do not abide by the unworkable regulations.
AP Loizou

In our little complex, we have a homeowner complaining about some of the units being used as holiday rentals. He suggests that we, as the home owners committee, have responsibility for ensuring that the homeowner doing the renting conforms with Cyprus regulations in the matter.

Do we indeed have such a responsibility? Our Articles of Association are silent on the matter.

Kind regards,
G Bond


At this point of time there are no regulations regarding rentals. AirBnB and other forms of rentals will be governed by a new law which is still pending. Whether the owners can let or not and under what terms should be addressed in your general agreement. If not there is nothing much you can do I am afraid. If the tenants create nuisance you may have a point against the buyers however.
AP Loizou

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