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The woman with wondrous hands

Paphos born Koula Gerou, is garnering a lot of attention amid claims she can help hair growth, banish wrinkles and lumps and bumps, enlarge breasts, clear out negativity and bad energy from people’s bodies and promote a general sense of health and wellbeing.

She has appeared on local TV and in the press and with her notoriety growing has helped hundreds of people, so when she offered to get rid of my crows’ feet, (or laughter lines as I prefer to refer to them) from around my eyes, I thought, why not?

Arriving at her unassuming ‘office’ in central Paphos, I was met with a calm ambience helped by just the right temperature, a welcome relief when stepping out of the beating summer sun.

White walls, a light coloured floor and a well-placed grey sofa strewn with a few colourful cushions, a folding screen with a massage bed behind and other pops of colour in carefully placed plants, create a well thought out equilibrium.

A huge white framed mirror sits on the wall opposite and allows you to glance at her work as she gets underway with sorting out whatever ails you or you’re unhappy with.

Koula tells me that it is proven that energy techniques can provide solutions for a variety of ailments and aid ‘dysfunctional’ people. She has devoted herself to helping people to improve their body and spirit.

As we sit side by side while she sizes up the areas that need the most work on my face, she said: “Most problems appear first in the ‘energy body’ and then manifest in the physical body. When I clean an energy field from negative energy, this will help to restore the health and beauty of that person.”

Her approach is not for the sensitive, but I like it. I want to believe in her abilities as much as she does, who doesn’t want to regain a youthful appearance, see the “springiness and shine” return? This is made possible with Koula’s “invisible stitches” as she calls them.

I imagine exiting this tranquil haven, giving off a youthful glow as friends and colleagues ponder if I’ve had ‘work’ done or not. But is it really possible?

Koula has been “doing what she does” for 20 years and looking at her skin as I sit next to her, it’s hard to believe she’s 65. Initially a hairdresser, she discovered that she could “grow hair”, which led to a long list of all of the other things that she claims to be able to do.

Love and energy are what it’s all about, she assures me, and adds that we are all made up of energy and therefore, in theory, could do what she does. “The message I want to send to people is that beauty comes from our heart.”

Koula tells me that by utilising the “right power management” she can fix many problems and can perform face-lifting (using invisible energy seams and stitches), tightening and lifting of the skin of the face and neck, hair restoration and length, reducing and increasing breast size, correction of nose shape, grow dense and long eyelashes, undertake hip lifting, plumping out lips, decrease fat and cellulite, get rid of stretch marks, acne, wrinkles and scars.

She was eager to show me an array of before and after pictures which showed men with more hair, women with larger breasts, weight loss and corrected double chins. It’s hard to verify if these are real, but I chose to believe her.

I sit next to her on the sofa, surprised that I’m not behind a screen, there is no soothing whale music in the background, or a waft of something scented. No special lotions or potions are applied and I am fully clothed staring at our reflection in the mirror opposite.

Instead, in a calm and resolved manner, Koula sweeps my hair away from my face and starts what is to be about an hour of gentle ‘pinching’ of my face, concentrating on the ‘problem’ area around my eyes.

As she does so, she chats to me about her life, things of interest and her love of animals, people and nature. She tells me she likes to talk, there is no quiet calm and this is usual practice for her. “It’s not tiring for me, I have plenty of energy and I can clear my mind whilst I’m talking, I have no particular thoughts, it’s just my energy I’m using,” she says.

Koula started to ‘grow hair’ 20 years ago. Before that, she was a regular hairdresser, but one day understood that she had a special gift as she touched a customer with her fingers and hair grew before her eyes.

She calls her abilities a gift which she has worked hard to cultivate through the years. She didn’t feel different when she was a child but was passionate about beauty and her father owned a cinema where she spent hours watching films.

“I love the costumes, the wigs, make-up and everything.”

Koula was shocked the first time she saw that she had encouraged hair to grow on a customer and when she decided to try it again the same thing happened, she said. “Sometimes it doesn’t grow immediately, but is under the skin and you can tell as the skin looks different.”

She reiterates that she uses energy that we all have inside us, and that we can all learn how to use it too. “You have to look inside yourself to find the way to do this and then use it,” she said.

“You can make anything with energy any tidy up what you want. I have helped hundreds of people in all sorts of ways and if someone needs to grow hair, they come until their head is full of hair.”

After the initial hours and a few visits for a facelift, she recommends returning every few months or so to keep it “looking good”.

She said that there are those that don’t believe in energy because they can’t see it, and those that think her abilities to grow hair or her other claims are unbelievable and rubbish, which she thinks is totally understandable.

“When they see it, they believe it.

“We all have the strength to accomplish a lot. We must look inside, believe in ourselves and we can all achieve miracles.”

Most of her customers are Cypriots and although she’s been offered big bucks to take her talents across the Atlantic to the US, she said she is quite happy in Paphos.

“I like helping people and I wouldn’t feel good robbing people as this is a gift. I charge €50 an hour which is about that same as other usual beauty treatments.”

Looking at my face a little later as I drive away, it does seem shinier and plumper and the lines around one of my eyes aren’t as deep. Whether you believe Koula can perform wonders or not, she certainly makes you feel good about yourself, which is surely half the battle.


Contact Koula Gerou on 99 792097


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