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Most annoying things people do on flights

When you’re squished into a tin can with hundreds of other people at 35,000 feet, there’s certain etiquette you should be sure to follow. Keep your socks on, people!

Expedia’s Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study for 2018 found that people had similar complaints about fellow passengers. While many people have their own personal pet peeves, the majority of respondents had the same complaints about other passengers.

The top things people can’t stand are the following: barefoot passengers, seat kickers and excessively chatty and loud travelers.

Do you find yourself in any of these descriptions? If yes, you should mind your manner, because you are annoying those around you!

Going barefoot on a plane was definitely not cool with ninety percent of survey respondents, and fifty-one percent of those surveyed said seat kickers are the worst. Ninety percent of the respondents said they prefer to sleep instead of talking to other passengers. So, don’t be the Chatty Cathy on the plane!

Other annoyances include inattentive parents, people who drink to excess, and ironically, complainers! The study also asked people about hotel annoyances and found that many get irked by loud parties. Sixty-six per cent of the respondents said that they always or frequently use the ‘do not disturb’ door hanger during their stay.

These are just some of the things that people find annoying with their fellow passengers but there are plenty more like crying babies, establishing armrest hegemony, coughing, sneezing, germ spreading, people behind you trying to disembark first, playing games without turning sound off, neglecting personal hygiene, etc.

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