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Idris Elba believes the world isn’t ready for a black James Bond

Idris Elba, who has been rumoured to be the next James Bond, doesn't think cinema goers around the world want to see a black man play the character

The London-born actor has been heavily linked to the coveted role – currently played by Daniel Craig – but although he is interested in playing 007 he doesn’t think cinema goers around the world want to see a black man play the character.

Speaking on UK station BBC Radio 2, he said: “I think in England we have reached that stage [of having a black James Bond] because culturally we’re sort of a lot more diverse but the rest of the world is not like that and I think there is a real sort of stigma. It’s like, ‘Oh he’s black, can he do it because he’s black?’ ”

Idris, 45 also rejected claims that people would be more accommodating to the change because of recent historical moments such as Barack Obama becoming America’s first black president.

He explained: “Obama can be president because he’s a very smart man and I’m sure he had same feelings like, ‘well I’m not the first black president, I’m Obama. I’m the first Obama. So for me you know I don’t like to make a big deal of it, the point is that it’s a great rumour if it was to ever happen I think it would be the will of a nation.”

Idris is adamant he has not had any official conversation about taking on the role after Craig, 50, makes his final appearance in ‘Bond 25’, but he would definitely consider it if he did get an offer.

He said: “I wouldn’t sit here and say to you that I wouldn’t consider playing the role because that would be an amazing role to play but it’s not on the cards it’s just one of these big rumours.

“It really would depend because there’s a lot of factors there. I think Daniel Craig is killing it and he’s got another film to do so by the time they even get to another James Bond I might have moved on a little bit from the bracket which is virile, young, semi-young good looking.

“I think I would’ve been too old by then if I’m honest but it’s one of the most coveted roles in the world isn’t it.”

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