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How small businesses use trade shows to their advantage

Small businesses can receive an incredible boost by attending trade shows. Not only can you build influence in your industry, but you can make valuable connections to expand your business and garner higher sales. Trade shows can help your company to increase its exposure and profits.

Stay Informed

Trade shows are an excellent way to stay updated on industry information, and to obtain valid information from key players who are in-the-know. If you want to establish yourself in the industry, you need to stay informed. Forbes Magazine also suggests you can learn a great deal about your competition and what they are doing to excel to develop your own custom strategies.

Find New Clients

Trade shows are a superb way to get your brand out there and promote your business. Tons of visitors pass through trade shows, who can become potential customers. There may be other businesses and individuals who need the products and services that your small business offers, but they don’t know you yet. It’s only when they spot your giant custom designed foam board prints at a distance they move in for a closer look. Additionally, offering a cool incentive, such as a prize or a free gift, can compel attendees to stop at your booth as could a demonstration showcasing the features and effectiveness of your products. In a single day, you can land many new accounts that can even rescue a dwindling business.

The American Marketing Association suggests that creating pre-show buzz is extremely important for building a presence at trade shows. Spread the news that you are attending a trade show on social media, and use the official hashtag for the show. Once you reel them in at the trade show, remember to follow up with potential clients that you meet to continue to promote your business after the event ends.

Build Significant Contacts

The opportunity to build significant networking contacts and sign business contracts during trade shows are colossal. Up-and-coming companies can benefit strongly from the influence of trade shows. Inc. Magazine reports that a small business can gain massive exposure and build credibility by exhibiting at a well-attended trade show geared to their industry. If you want to make connections with other key players in your industry, a trade show is an excellent way to do it. The role of trade shows in modern commerce is growing with each passing year as business owners experience the multi-level benefits that they provide.

Gain Media Exposure

Trade shows often draw tons of media outlets so attending one can help a small business gain visibility in a huge way. Small business owners that capitalise on the influence of trade shows can find themselves featured in local newspapers, on radio shows, and even on television. In addition, you can start to build networking connections with media representatives who can highlight your business on future occasions.

Whether you are attending a trade show or exhibiting at one, you must aim to increase knowledge of your brand, generate new sales, and acquire new leads. Preparing your staff and yourself to participate in a trade show is key to ensure that your booth is attractive and effective at drawing in clients and contacts. Before attending, aim to shorten your pitch to a few golden nuggets to network with as many people as possible during the course of the trade show. Attending more than one trade show can help you collect ideas on how to improve future presentations, and increase your exposure a thousandfold.

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