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Paris Hilton has pushed back her wedding to 2019

Paris Hilton has decided to tie the knot with Chris Zylka next year rather than in November

The 37-year-old DJ and socialite has decided to tie the knot with Chris Zylka next year rather than in November as she wants the day to be absolutely “perfect”.

She said: “I want to be able to be relaxed, not stressed out and not having to rush off to a different country the next day. I want to be able to go directly from my wedding to my honeymoon and with my schedule [right now] that would be impossible. We’re both just working so much and decided it would be much better just to push it to next year. With all the planning, I want it to be perfect and you can’t rush something like this.”

And the ‘Simple Life’ star insists the pair had never confirmed to wed on 11th November and that it was only just a rough date, suggested by Chris, because of her love of 11:11.

She added to People magazine: “The 11/11 thing was never a set date.

It was just, 11/11 is something I love because I always say, ’11:11, make a wish for good luck.’ So Chris was like, ‘Oh let’s do it on 11/11. That’s such a special number for you.’ I was like yeah, but I didn’t look at my schedule. Then this summer we were looking at our schedules and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness we are both working nonstop until like New Year’s.'”

Meanwhile, Paris’ mom Kathy Hilton recently revealed Paris is too busy to get married.

Asked about the delay in her daughter’s wedding, she said: “She’s promoting her fragrance right now and her new skin care and literally she does not have the time right now. They’re very nice, we were with them just recently and they seem to really enjoy each other’s company.”

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