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Thinking outside the box for a better business

If you are a business person and miss your holidays already, and also don’t feel inspired to get back into the swing of things, then you might want to consider attending the talk by world-renowned keynote speaker and innovator Stephen Shapiro on September 24 in Nicosia.

At the Hilton Hotel, Shapiro will be talking about how we can create an innovative and capable organisation. The speaker will address business people from all over the island while providing real life examples of the subject at hand. He will also talk about common practices to show how innovation can be applied to all kinds of businesses.

Shapiro is an American business author, consultant and public speaker. He is notable for his expertise on business innovation and has written five books, including two best-sellers, on the subject. He started his career in the mid-1980s and spent 15 years working for the consulting firm Accenture. While working for the company he delivered training on innovation to over 20,000 consultants. To date he has worked with the organisation in 50 countries.

He established his philosophy based on the premise that old models of innovation are broken, and that fresh ways of thinking about almost everything are the surest way for an organisation to increase its innovative output. He recommends dispensing with standard best practices in many business situations and advises clients to adopt more unconventional practices, like hiring people they may not like, or seeking the opinions of individuals from different areas of expertise to help overcome business challenges.

So, if your business is in a rut, or if you just want to see what Shapiro has to say then join the man who has been induced into the Hall of Fame for the National Speakers Association later this month.

Creating an Innovation-capable Organisation
Talk with world-renowned keynote speaker and innovator Stephen Shapiro. September 24. Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia. 5pm. In English. Tel: +30 210 802 1179

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