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Unions in north to go on indefinite strike as of Monday

There is turmoil in the north with scheduled protests and strikes of workers over the measures taken by authorities to offset the consequences of the plunge of the Turkish lira.

Employees in ‘parliament’ in the north have announced they will go on an indefinite strike as of Monday in protest over measures aimed at tackling the fall in the Turkish Lira which they said greatly affect workers.

Union of secondary education Turkish Cypriot teachers said they would hold a protest on Wednesday morning outside ‘parliament’ over the measures.

The union of ‘parliament’ employees, MEC-SEN, said on Tuesday that the latest raise in the prices of petrol and diesel “was the last straw.”

It said that the strike is a reaction to the measures of the ‘government’ to tackle the crisis as, so far, none of the measures introduced are in favour of workers in the public or private sector.

The union said they could not accept for the ‘government’ to request sacrifices only from workers.

Five more unions of the ‘civil service’ have requested a lift of pay cuts for overtime work and threatened to stop working overtime. They also said they would seek legal action against this measure.

The union of air traffic controllers announced that they would stop overtime work as of Tuesday evening.

They said that they were not asked their opinion before the decision was taken for pay cuts for overtime work.

Turkish Cypriot ‘prime minister Tufan Erhurman will reportedly travel to Ankara within the week to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the measures taken to offset the downfall of the Turkish Lira.

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