Cyprus Mail

Drugs flying across the divide… on drones

Police in the north have arrested a Turkish Cypriot man in connection with a case involving the transfer of drugs from the south to the north by unmanned drone.

Kibris daily reported on Wednesday that the drug transfer took place on August 17. Drugs were loaded onto a drone, flown across the buffer zone and landed in an empty field in the north where they were collected by the suspect.

The court hearing in the north revealed that the Turkish Cypriot police had received information about the drug transfer, and had set up an operation in the area where the drugs were expected to arrive.

Surveillance footage that was used as evidence in court showed the suspect collecting the package, placing it in his car, and fleeing the scene.

The Turkish Cypriot daily did not specify which part of the 180-km buffer zone the drone flew across. Also, Cyprus police were not immediately available for comment.