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Sacred music at Ayia Kyriaki church

The organist at Paphos’ Anglican Church, Paul Timmins, will perform a programme of sacred music for half an hour on Monday from 12 noon at the Ayia Kyriaki church in Paphos.

If you have never heard the organ played before, this performance will send shivers down your spine. The organ is an instrument with a centuries-old history and a rich abundance of religious, cultural and artistic importance.

The mechanics and sounds of traditional organs are undergoing a transformation at the moment. As traditional instruments are used to play more modern tunes, and as more modern instruments also take their place in classical music, it is only logical that an instrument like the pipe organ – which derived from Ancient Greece in the third century BC – should get a make-over. The organ at the Ayia Kyriaki church is one that especially lends itself to modern ways of making music.

The church in which the pipe organ is located was built around 1500AD as a Latin church on the site of a small church destroyed in 59AD by an earthquake. About 100 years after its construction and following the Turkish invasion of 1570, it became the Byzantine Cathedral of Kato Paphos.

Timmins studied organ under Michael Burton, teacher, recitalist and once assistant organist at Hereford Cathedral in England. After continuing his advanced studies in music, he was appointed organist of the Birmingham Progressive Synagogue (a position he held for over ten years) and assistant organist of the Birmingham Oratory.

After moving to London, Timmins held a number of organ posts, including one at the St Chad’s Haggerston Anglo-Catholic church in the East End of London, where he formed a choir. He met his wife in Paphos in 2012, where he currently resides, and is the organist for the Ayia Kyriaki church.

Summer Organ Recital
Organ recital by Paul Timmins. September 3. Ayia Kyriaki Church, Paphos. 12pm. Tel: 99-103976

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