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Explosion in Paralimni mayor’s garage (Updated)

The area around the Paralimni mayor's house was cordoned off by the police (Photo:CNA)

Paralimni mayor Theodoros Pirillis said on Wednesday that he would continue “to support the interests of my area” after an explosion occurred in a garage next door to his property.

The explosion occurred at around 2:20am on Wednesday at the premises which are used to house the mayor’s domestic worker, located right next to Pirillis’ home.

The garage was found with the door open and inside were two cars, one of which was damaged by the explosion. The cars do not belong to the mayor.

The mayor said that under the car in which the explosion occurred there was an ‘improvised devise’ – a bottle with a flammable liquid but this did not explode.

A little earlier, more than 50 sunbeds and 20 umbrellas were destroyed by a fire at Kapari beach in Paralimni. The fire, which started at around 2am in four different places, is believed to have been the work of arsonists. The scene was cordoned off while police carried out investigations.

Asked whether this incident was related to the Kapari arson, the mayor said that it was used as a misdirection by the perpetrators.

“I will not yield, I am not afraid and I will not stop fighting to support the interests of my area, until the last moment of my service,” the mayor said without providing further details.

Police sealed and guarded the crime scene and started investigations at the first light of day. The local fire department is assisting police in determining what device was used to create the explosion.

The Kapari beach fire follows a similar attack on July 31 when sunbeds and umbrellas were destroyed by unknown perpetrators. Pirillis described the vandals as ‘bullies’.

The Paralimni municipality has been offering free sunbeds and umbrellas to the public on some beaches from July 13 and will be doing so until the end of October.

At the time, he had said that the individuals who caused the damage wanted to discourage people from going to the beach and that “there are definitely some people who want to use some of the beaches and their facilities just for themselves.”






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