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Women’s organisation outraged by nude woman-shaped urinal

By Lizzy Ioannidou

A portable male urinal in the shape of a bent-over nude woman was slammed on Friday as a sexist, vulgar commercialisation of the female body by Pogo, the women’s wing of Akel.

The urinal, called ‘Body Jane the Men’s Jar’, shows how “sexism, vulgar devaluation and commercialisation of a woman’s body and being can even take the form of ‘business innovation’,” Pogo said on Friday.

Worse, according to Pogo, the logos featured on the product’s website show that it received funding from EU structural funds, specifically the European regional development fund, as well as from of the Republic of Cyprus.

“In any case, the marketing of the product it is an unacceptable insult to women. But the fact that it received funding and approval by the Republic of Cyprus makes the situation doubly unacceptable,” Pogo said.

The urinal comes in the shape of a headless naked woman, while the design is such that its male owner urinates into a hole at the neck of the female figure.

The product description on the product’s website,, describes the urinal as a ground-breaking innovation: “Body Jane is here to break the tradition, providing a fresh, modern & sexy take on men’s handheld urinals! Body Jane’s design reflects the curves and form of “the perfect woman,” the male ideal while concurrently being aesthetically pleasing to the female population as well”.

Pogo called on the equality commissioner to intervene and demand an explanation regarding the product, while they have also requested that the house committee on human rights and equal opportunities between men and women examine the conditions under which the product was approved and financed by Cyprus.

The company’s website describes how the idea was born. Signed by D.L, CEO, Hacienda Entertainment Ltd, it says Body Jane was born through the personal experience of an injured skier “who was appalled by the looks of the modern portable urinal”.

“Interestingly enough, the voice of consumers during market research urged us not to confine the design for the sole use of a portable urinal and instead promote the design into a novelty jar for multipurpose use. It is a concept not for the faint hearted!”

The item with EU and Cyprus government logos

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