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Property questions: Can neighbour be forced to cut tall trees?

My neighbour’s trees were planted almost touching our southern boundary and are about 7 metres tall.

He reluctantly agrees to have them trimmed a little on condition that we pay the whole cost and that includes the overhanging branches on our side and where his trees extend across the bottom of our cul-de-sac and a green area. If allowed to grow to maturity we would not be able to see above the trees which we find so oppressive.

We feel the value of our house will also be lowered so we reluctantly pay €350 each time which includes the hire of a ‘cherry picker’ which would be unnecessary if the neighbour agreed to a sensible height. He says he wants privacy but we still would not be able to see his garden if the height was reduced even more.

Does Cyprus law cover this situation?

Kind regards,

As far as I know there is no law regarding tree height. I appreciate what you say however and for those branches that intrude into a public green (Municipality’s ownership) perhaps you could raise it with them. For the intruding branches in your garden you could cut that part which intrudes in your garden.
AP Loizou

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