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Would ‘not following Mauritius’ be a smart move?

A British base in Cyprus


I have read in your issue of 6th September the question of Mr Christos Panayiotides addressed to the ministry of foreign affairs, namely “is following Mauritius really a smart move?”

Mr Panayiotides raises an important issue whether with our participation and support of the Republic of Mauritius in the case against the UK in the International Court of Justice we become adversaries of the UK instead of seeking the aid of the UK to solve the Cyprus problem.

The truth of the matter is in my view that the UK has not helped Cyprus at all so far. Rather the opposite.

In fact there is sufficient evidence to prove that the UK promoted the division of Cyprus under its well-known policy of “divide and rule”, brought into play Turkey, promoted a very divisive 1960 Constitution, aided and abetted  Archbishop Makarios to amend the Constitution with the well-known “13 points”,  failed to honour its obligations under the Treaty of Establishment  and Guarantee, put forward the very divisive Anan Plan rejected by a majority of 76% of the Greek Cypriots in 2004 and supports Turkey in various international fora.

The UK is looking well after its interests of course and not after the interests of Cyprus and Cypriots.

The UK Government and Legal Order consider the Base Areas as part of the Colony of Cyprus (Bashir case 2018) and very well knows that an adverse opinion in the Mauritius case will create problems for the so-called Sovereign Bases in Cyprus.

In my opinion the UK promotes a solution in which Turkish Cypriots will have an effective veto on all matters of government, hoping that the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, a traditional ally will boycott any moves to remove the Bases from Cyprus as colonial vestiges.

I would therefore reverse the question of Mr Panayiotides and ask “whether not following Mauritius would have been a smart move”.  Or  indeed “whether not doing so for so many years was a smart move”.

Dr Christos Clerides, Advocate

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