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Going where no other columnist dares

I refer to Alper Riza’s article on September 9 which I read with great interest. Mr Riza ventures into territories that other columnist will not dare enter, and has shown that he is not afraid in dealing with political hypothesis and pure speculation.

His was a difficult subject, on which there is no precedent; that of the extension of the acquis communautaire into that part of Cyprus, which is now under military occupation by Turkey, that is by all admissions, a political minefield.

I admire him for his courage to even contemplate dealing with such subject. However, his omission to deal with the other thorny aspects of the Cyprus problem, those relating to the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and to the resettlement of the Turkish settlers, renders his article incomplete. Without dealing with the two aforementioned aspects of settlement, this hypothetical scenario remains pointless.

The resolution of these two aspects of the settlement must be such, as to satisfy the great majority of Greek Cypriots.

It will be interesting to hear how Mr Riza proposes to deal with these two issues of the Cyprus problem.

Yiangos Constantinides, Nicosia

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