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Idealistic pictures stir up ideal feelings

Not many things in life give a picture of an ideal world. Even fewer things make us feel beauty and be at peace with nature. This is why the upcoming exhibition by Amir Tahmashi is – in our day and age – one of a kind.

The solo painting exhibition Idealistic Pictures will open at Apocalypse Gallery in Nicosia on Thursday. The paintings on show will stir in those who view them, a feeling of optimism, joy and beauty. Colours and themes from nature perfectly combine to portray a collection that pays tribute to the beautiful world we live in.

Birds and flowers are the elements that prevail here as, for the painter, they symbolise friendship and love. With these themes Tahmashi focuses on idealism – as the title suggests – while avoiding any reference to violence.

Tahmashi, from Iran, studied at the Tehran University of Fine Arts, where he also taught from 2005 to 2012. His work was honoured in his country in 1993 and 1999, and in 2007 he was chosen to take part in the contemporary art biennale from the Tehran Museum.

He has exhibited his work in Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Serbia, Austria, Cyprus, Albania and Armenia. He has visited Cyprus many times and this is his second exhibition in Nicosia. The exhibition will present 35 works with acrylic, gouache and watercolour.

Idealistic Pictures
Painting exhibition by Amir Tahmasbi. Opens September 20 at 8pm until September 30. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street, Nicosia. Monday- Friday: 10.30am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655