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Long queues as north hikes fuel prices

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Long queues formed at petrol stations in the north on Wednesday evening before an increase in petrol prices which came into force at midnight.

People were attempting to fill their vehicles before the price hike which is said to bring prices to an unprecedented height. Some were reportedly filling containers and plastic bottles as well as their cars.

To cope with the run, some petrol stations reduced the number of pumps which were working or set a price ceiling of 50 Turkish lira, the equivalent of €6.74, per person.

The press and social media on Thursday strongly condemned the price hike, which aggravates the lives of people who are already suffering because of the slide of the Turkish lira.

Daily Havadis wrote that the public revolted and noted that strong comments criticising the government were made on social media such as “they tore out our souls” and “enough is enough”.

According to the paper, the price of 98-octane gasoline was raised from 5.16 to 6.01 Turkish lira per litre (from €0.71 to €0.80), and for 95-octane from 4.97 to 5.81. Diesel prices went up by a whole lira, from 4.76 to 5.76 and kerosene from 4.65 to 5.59 lira.  The prices in the north, even with the hikes, are far below those in the government-controlled areas where lowest prices on Thursday for petrol hovered around the €1.20 and above mark.

While Greek Cypriots continue to cross to the north in droves to take advantage of the slide in the Turkish lira, the full force of the ongoing crisis is biting ever deeper into the pockets of Turkish Cypriots causing them to fear for the future.

Just two days ago it was reported that for Greek Cypriots, prices of products sold in the north are now almost 50 per cent lower than in the government-controlled areas according to a survey by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

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