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Property questions: How to stop neighbour’s water run off?

My neighbour has raised his entire land by a metre or so, the result of this means water now runs off his land and comes into my land whenever he waters his trees. Added to this, he empties his sewerage water on to his land.

I have fruit trees and vines too, three have recently died and I am worried that his sewage water may be contaminating my land.

So the two questions are, is it legal to raise a land of approximately 2,000 square metres by 1 metre without planning permission?

And what can I do legally about the run off water?

I tried to talk to him about it but he just says don’t be silly, and doesn’t take my issues seriously.
I’d appreciate your advice.

Kind regards


He must have secured a planning permit and in order to have this case examined you should report your concerns to the local authority/municipality. If they do not respond you could pay a visit to the Planning Office of the area. What I can say is that he cannot empty sewage water as it is a health hazard.
AP Loizou

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