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Morphou residents ask UN’s P5 to aid Cyprus solution

Ayios Mamas church in Morphou

Residents of Morphou on Wednesday made their annual round of the embassies of the five permanent residents of the UN Security Council (P5) calling on them to help secure a Cyprus solution.

The delegation, headed by Morphou mayor Victoras Hadjiavraam handed over a resolution protesting the Turkish occupation of their town to the embassies of the United States, Russia, China, France and at the British High Commission.
In statements, Hadjiavraam said that Morphou would be holding its 38th anti-occupation march, on Sunday, in Astromeritis village, in Nicosia. It was the first time, he said, that the American embassy had opened its doors to allow the Morphou delegation inside.
He said the future of Unficyp was discussed as well as US efforts for a Cyprus dialogue to resume “and for us to have at least some hope for the solution of the Cyprus problem”.
At the Russian embassy, he said, Russia’s positions were known, were longstanding, and “based on principles”.
The resolution that was handed in at the five embassies was signed by Morphou municipality, the local authorities of 26 villages of the Morphou area as well as sports and cultural associations.
Addressing each country, it said: “Your contribution in defence of Cyprus’ sovereignty in our lasting struggle and efforts for freedom and justice is of the utmost importance.”

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