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European University welcomes new medical students in white coat ceremony

First year students of medicine and dentistry from the European University of Cyprus, from countries such as Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Russia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and others, recently participated in the white coat ceremony marking their enrolment at the school, and the commitment they are making to their studies.

The European University is proud that so many nationalities now trust the medical school for teaching doctors of the new generation.

“The operation of the medical school of the European University of Cyprus has created a new reality in our place covering a serious gap in the university curriculum and adding prestige and value to our academic education,” the president of the House of Representatives, Demetris Syllouris, said in a speech read out by president Adamos Adamou.

The white coat ceremony is a symbolic event, during which the first year students of the school wear their first white medical robes. They then swear to dedicate themselves to the subject of medical science and to serve the individual and show integrity and a high sense of responsibility during their studies.

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