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The new punk rock: bold, defiant and politically outspoken

Spiked earrings claimed their place in the new punk-rock design trend

Could social and political movements be boiled down to a certain look? Apparently, designers at Balenciaga, Kenzo or Miu Miu express political resistance and rebelliousness quite successfully through their latest creations. And punk, as we all know it, is quite the movement for political outspokenness and boldness, rebelliousness and a strong against-the-system voice.

At Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia used fashion and style to correct the “fake news” trend. Fake news, of course, was recently popularised by Donald Trump and those opposing his political views are always willing to resist it, whatever it takes.

The spine of the new punk rock: slogan prints, spiked earrings, slashed fabrics and Doc Martens
The new punk rock aesthetics certainly have something to say about the new social and political climate around the world and once again, punk rock is here and it is overpowering when it comes to criticising and opposing views.

Demna Gvasalia took punk elements that scream “Fake good news!” and made those relevant through fabrics, cuts and accessories. Dior uses their collections to battle down sexism, throwing a sartorial side eye at patriarchy. The current state of affairs in the US is criticised by Kenzo and the state of the Kingdom, by Preen. Every design house seems to be using slain fabrics and spike earrings to shout at the establishment or whatever political view they oppose.

The days for your Doc Martens are back if you ask these designers, but let’s see how you can resist the system through your bold and rebellious appearance.

Slogan prints to muffle the norms’ voice
The world is a weird place right now. Fashion designers approach their creations in a hardcore manner and their attitudes perspire through their creations. Slogan prints have become a sure way to ridicule the system and speak your voice loud and proud.

Neat, monochrome slogans and prints that turn that fake news into fake good news were presented by Balenciaga in loud techno music, at 11:30 PM. That’s bold. And that’s a statement. That’s a statement clearly written on edgy-cut clothes, worn by models with bold haircuts, fringes and loud makeup, just for the sake of proving something. This is how slogan prints integrate with the new punk rock, and this is their clear purpose.

A breath of fresh air for those tired of following the rules and playing by the book, slogan tees and prints are here to help the new punk rock make its presence known, but also lasting.

Bold, edgy accessories to slay or pierce the system
Spiked earrings, bold chockers and different other accessories are here to make a lasting impression and certainly claimed their rightful place in the new punk-rock design trend. If you cannot wait to scream in patriarchy’s face or mock the establishment, find the boldest, velvetiest choker out there with the biggest metallic ornament, and you’re all settled. In modern history, accessories have always been a way to express and defy what the youth and rebellious cannot agree with.

Designers today give those elements a glamour look, a stylish approach and a never-seen-before style. Of course, you have to defy the system in style and quite tasteful, don’t you?! While these elements are clearly something the social norm wouldn’t normally agree with, design brands add a touch of optimism, hope and elegance. This way, the spikes pierce deeper and the bold necklaces, choke harder.

Old, classic tropes embrace new forms. Design houses think more about the deep bite in the system, rather than labels. Think of skinhead couture and a post-punk mash, think of social outcasts, but social outcasts with a strong voice and even stronger opinions.
Eighties-style spikes become larger and sharper than ever before, piercing through the sterile bubble of populism and social class, for statement’s sake.

Ramones-style haircuts and mannish fabric cuts
Deep black is present in clothing, just like it is in hairstyles, and both become shaggier and manlier, with rough cuts and edges. And, again, these both are a staple for the politically outspoken youth, but also responsible adults with strong political anti-system views – in their off-time. Alexander McQueen boots come to perfectly compliment the retro button downs and lacquer/latex coats in futuristic designs.

Prada is a trendsetter in this regard, and Luis Vuitton is closely following this empowering and system-defying trend. Balmain, Versace and Moschino, the tartan and rough cuts at Burberry, these are here to remodel the old punk-rock, to give it a fresh twist, but maintaining the same against-the-system attitude.

While “trendy” is not a defining word when it comes to punk-rock, the movement certainly catches the eye, and this is exactly what makes it the perfect outlet for fighting against the rules, the norm and the clean and clear social lines and differences. The feeling of resistance is undeniable and the power with which the movement is punching political classes in the face – metaphorically – a forceful one.

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