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Top resources & websites to prepare for cyber security certifications with practice tests

If you wish to establish a fruitful career in the field of Cyber Security, you can opt for certain certifications which could prove career changing moves for working professionals out there.

In a world filled with competition, a globally acclaimed Security certification will prove to be a benchmark for your abilities and can prove critical when it comes to forging a fruitful career in IT security.

Even concerning salaries, you can certainly raise your current salary considerably as these certifications help in bagging successful roles in IT security sector.

Let’s have a look what you can choose today to get certified.

CompTIA CASP Certification
CompTIA Security plus and CASP certifications are a great way to alleviate your career in the IT security domain. Anyone aspiring to forge a successful career in this domain must consider obtaining it!
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ISACA CISM Certification
Then it’s worth mentioning Certified Information Security Manager certification offered by Isaca that is highly valued in the IT industry. Having CISM certification proves that Security Professional has the skills necessary for a thriving career in security management expertise.
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ISC CISSP Certification
Don’t forget about one more Security World favorite CISSP by ISC(2), because CISSP certification is no doubt one of the industry-leading credentials that help you start and advance your information and technology career. Getting Certified Information Systems Security Professional will help you secure your job in the industry. Furthermore, a basic or an advanced certification will greatly boost your information and technology career.
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All mentioned certifications are globally recognised credentials. Having any of them means that you can work at an IT department, company or organisation anywhere in the world. But in this article, we shall be discussing the benefits of one such Ethical Hacking certification which goes by the name EC-Council CEH Certification.

EC-Council CEH Certification
An ethical hacker who receives CEH certification is a professional who tries to understand and also tries to look for certain weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems which are being targeted and uses the same knowledge and skill-sets used by a malicious hacker. However, the only difference is that this is a lawful and legitimate way to assess the security capabilities of a certain target system. When anyone gets certified as a CEH individual, their demand in the industry automatically increases tenfold.
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CompTIA Security+ certification
The CompTIA Security+ certification course helps to set certain minimum standards to provide credentials to IT security specialists who use ethical hacking techniques. This certification helps inform the public that there are certain standards in place and these CompTIA Security+ certified ethical hackers have met these minimum standards. Reestablish the field of ethical hacking as a very reliable and unique profession which can be self-regulated.
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What are the advantages of CyberSecurity Certifications?
These were some of the most basic details of this unique certification exams. The benefits shall be discussed below.
Cyber Security Certifications is a unique opportunity to introduce mainstream Ethical hacking methods to IT professionals who fall under the mainstream category. The course provides the necessary knowledge which is needed to tackle and respond to certain cybercriminal methods which are posed as threats in the world today.

These certifications and courses have received a lot of popularity all over the world and thousands of professionals have already been certified as ethical hackers. Hence, if you’re one of the thousands of UT professionals aspiring to become Certified Ethical Hackers, you will need to know the benefits of the certification as well. They are as follows:

Cyber Security Certifications will help you enhance your career
If you are one of those people who has formed a decent career in the field of Information Technology and has also gathered the necessary certifications in such fields as CompTIA’s Network+ along with the most sought after A+ certifications, an added CEH certification will certainly help increase the understanding in the field of IT security.

If you are a person who is in such a situation and wish to forge a successful career in the field of cybersecurity, one must target a CEH certification coupled with the all elusive CompTIA’s Security+ certification. CEH certification will help you gather the necessary knowledge of tools as well as the essential techniques which are used by modern-day hackers. The added Security+ certification will help you build a strong foundation within the IT security industry.

You will learn how to think like a real hacker
When you obtain a CEH certification, white hat IT professionals will be given a complete insight into the real mindset of an actual cybercriminal.

This is important when it comes to tackling cybercriminals. The entire process involves dealing with threats and security breach events as they occur. Hence, in such situations, it is essential to understand how these criminals function and how they strategise their attacks.

When you operate like a hacker, you adopt more of a proactive approach which is a little different from your usual security strategy and policies which will help identify specific areas that could be targeted by cybercriminals.

It’s useful for virtually anyone
It is important to realide that CEH certification is not solely limited to penetration validators. This CEH certification is deemed perfect even for professionals working in the IT and network security domains.
You can build a strong knowledge of cyber security with the help of CEH and CISM certifications which is built on a base knowledge of the former. This real-world expertise approach which is taught through CEH course will be suitable for teams striving to secure their networks against cybercriminals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re even a seasoned IT professional, you can reap the benefits of opting for CEH certification. Also, if you have chosen a rather high-level certification such as (ISC)2CISSP, the added CEH certification will help you polish your knowledge on cybersecurity. This is an excellent combination of not just theoretical knowledge but also the acquired managerial skills with the help of CISSP.

It helps security professionals develop a sound knowledge of vulnerabilities and risks
‘Innovators’ is the perfect word to describe Cyber-criminals as they will always come up with new methods to attack IT infrastructure and also target possible vulnerabilities.

When a person has no proper understanding of the possible hazards as well as the vulnerabilities which are directly or indirectly associated with any IT system, security professionals will have a rather hard time to keep them safe and free from attacks.
When you are preparing for your CEH test, you will gain the insight as to how real-time hackers study your network to determine a possible target for attack. This process is first introduced in the early modules within the CEH preparation material which can be applied to any business. They are:

  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Foot-printing and reconnaissance
  • Scanning networks
  • Enumeration

These study modules are very comprehensive regarding the content and will prove as a solid foundation to truly understand vulnerabilities which could plague organisations on a daily basis.

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We hope that the information we have provided in this post will help you get your desired Cyber Security certification in a simpler way so that you can achieve your career and professional goals. We wish you all the best in your pursuit for certifications.

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