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Cyprus Mail
Education School news

Fascinating programmes at the Cyprus Institute brought alive

Participants in the interactive sessions of the Cyprus Institute

With five interactive activities, the Cyprus Institute participated in the “2018 Researcher’s Night”, giving the public the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in science and technology by Cypriot researchers. The Pan-European event dedicated to science and learning was organised by the Research Promotion Foundation and was under the auspices of President Anastasiades.

The research activities presented by the Institute of Cyprus researchers were the following:

Mediaeval graffiti in Cyprus: Listen to the stories of the walls

The workshop “Mediaeval Graffiti in Cyprus: Listen to the short stories of the walls” of the Institute of Cyprus invited viewers to study valuable aspects of mediaeval graffiti through sophisticated technologies. Interactive educational activities and special technology programmes for all ages gave the public an opportunity to study and better grasp graffiti of cultural and historical value, enhancing their knowledge of the subject and, more generally, of the wider medieval heritage one of Cyprus.

Face to Face: Meet an ancient Cypriot

This involved exploring stories about the daily life of real ancient Cypriots, through archaeological bones, teeth and other remains. Osteobiography as a term refers to specific information, collected through a plethora of scientific methods and techniques applied to the study of human remains of a particular individual, about the life of a person who lived in the past.

Production of solar energy

One of the most promising solar energy technologies is the aggregate pressure solar station that uses mirror devices to concentrate solar radiation on a target (collector) and then transforms it into heat. The heat energy collected is then converted into electricity. In addition to electricity generation, other possible thermodynamic uses are water desalination and heat generation for industrial and domestic use.

European infrastructure: Accelerating digitisation of cultural heritage

This was a presentation of the VI-SEEM, PRACE and SIMDAS research projects in which the Research Centre for Computational Science and Technology is taking part. The activity was designed to show that these programmes provide us with access to digital cultural heritage applications in the Eastern European and Mediterranean region and how such infrastructures allow us to accelerate the digitisation of our cultural heritage.

Unmanned aircraft at the service of research

The Cyprus Institute of Non-manned Systems Research Institute provides a unique infrastructure for conducting research into the atmosphere and exploring the properties of the surface of the Earth from above, using unmanned aircraft, photographers/videographers of archaeological sites and cultural heritage sites for their three-dimensional imagery. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in a micro drone navigation tour in a specially designed area and test their skills and skill in handling drones.

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